Made For Life

Our aim is to give back as much as we take. That’s why we established the Made for Life Foundation supporting people diagnosed with Cancer, with days filled with holistic treatments, organic makeovers, nutritional advice and just a lot of love and hugs, for more information go to

Everything we do at Spiezia revolves around a philosophy that we call ‘Made for Life.’

‘Made for Life’ is about us, our health and the way live. It’s about making choices that not only contributes to our own well-being and makes us feel good about life, but that also contribute to the well-being of the world we live in.

At Spiezia we believe in keeping it natural. Beautiful skin is healthy skin; it’s as simple as that. The skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs a vast amount of what you put on it which could impact on your health. With this in mind, no chemicals, parabens, additives or any other nasties are added to any of our entirely organic and natural products.

For us it’s all about whole organic ingredients and years of wisdom, that combined, are known to produce results. We also care about looking after the world we live in as much as we care about looking after the body you live in, so every choice we make has the environment in mind – from the labels on our recycled glass bottles and jars to the product miles on our ingredients, (every pot, jar and bottle of Spiezia Organics products is handmade in the new Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre in Truro, so no worries there).

We believe in pure, organic, ethical, handmade skincare that makes you feel fantastic inside and out. That’s the ‘Made for Life’ philosophy.

For more information, please contact Wendy Everhard on 01326 221777 and or visit