A Visit From Pupils at Nine Maidens

2012-02-16 09:55:51

Pupils from Nine Maidens School, Cornwall, recently visited us to learn more about how we make the 100% Organic Skin care range, as well as the benefits of using Organic Skin Care.

Anita showed the pupils the different stages of how we make the products, right from how we create our unique macerations, all the way to the labelling and finishing of the products.  The pupils had fun creating the macerations in the lab and finding out a little bit more about making organic skin care.

After the 'tour' of the lab, Kate showed them what happens once the products are finished. The pupils helped to pack up customer orders and gained a bit of insight into how we manage our traceability right from the individual ingredients within the product, to knowing which customers have received which batch.

Of course, a visit to Gear Farm wouldn't be complete without a pasty from the Organic Gear Farm Pasty Co.!  Dave saw to it that the pupils received freshly baked pasties for their lunch before they headed back to school.