Organic Anti-Ageing

2012-03-07 16:58:48

We often receive queries regarding the anti-ageing properties of our products. While we do not claim that our products will reverse the effects of ageing, it certainly helps to nouish your skin to prevent the signs of ageing.

Naturally, as the skin ages one of the things that can happen is the appearance of wrinkles, but this is only a symptom of aging not the effect!

With respect to the skin, one of the main changes that takes place is the reduction of the body's ability to create new skin cells. As a result, the ‘outside’ of the skin is ‘replaced’ at a lower rate when compared to much younger skin meaning that the ability for the skin to retain moisture can become greatly reduced. Visually, this takes the form of thinner skin, which is less elastic & has a tendency to wrinkle.

From a cosmetic viewpoint, there are a number of ways in which products can be formulated to counter this often undesirable side effect; but the two main approaches are to either formulate a product which increases the production of skin cells, or to maintain the quality of the cells that are already there. The first approach generally takes the form of increasing the flow of blood to the skin, something which is often achieved by creating a localised irritation (swelling) to the skin... usually with some form of synthetic chemical.

The second approach is usually achieved by ‘feeding’ the skin with some of the lipids (e.g. collagen) that the body needs to create to maintain these cells.  Unfortunately, such additives are commonly highly synthetic & their effect not fully understood. For instance, collagen is synthesized from blood plasma, retinol is synthesized from milk etc. 

At Spiezia our approach towards skincare is as organic as we can possibly make it, meaning whatever you find in our products has undergone minimal changes from its natural state. Moreover, each raw ingredient generally has a long, long history of use in traditional skincare so it’s effects are extremely well understood. In this way, we are able to combine the most effective ingredients from around the world to make products that are very, very effective.

In the Rose & Vanilla Face Oil, the primary ingredient is Jojoba Oil which has an almost identical chemical composition to that of your skin meaning it penetrates & feeds the skin exceptionally well. As well as Rose Petals infused in Jojoba oil, (closest match to the sebum of our skin), our Intensive Moisturiser contains extracts of Nettle (promotes blood flow), Horsetail (strengthens the vein walls) & Yarrow (reduces inflammation, something your body does when attempting to remove impurities).

In this way, the Spiezia products address both of the approaches given above (& more!) to give your skin the best possible chance against the ravages of aging…it’s just that this is something which is generally more noticeable the older the skin is.